IDC Study: The Value of Collaborative Email: Efficient, Team Focused

Heather MacKinnon, Head of PR & Communications at Front
10 August 20201 Min Read

Today’s work is collaborative. Whether it’s replying to customers, selling to prospects, or managing projects, almost everything we do involves our team. From Google Docs, to Slack, Asana, Trello, and more, the tools teams rely on today make it easy for teams to work together, too — except for one.


Traditionally, replying to email is a solo activity, and it’s holding teams back.

In new research by IDC, Research Director Wayne Kurtzman digs into the challenges that traditional email brings to businesses. His findings? The traditional way of managing email is causing unnecessary angst — and ultimately lost productivity.

Wayne’s study shares the solution that will replace traditional email as we know it, empowering businesses to reach a new level of productivity: collaborative email.

With collaborative email, you have the ability to communicate with your team in your inbox in ways you never could before. You can leave internal comments directly on emails, and edit emails together like Google Docs. You can assign emails to teammates to decide who will follow up. Rather than manage messages like internal chat, social media, SMS text in other windows, you’ll manage them together in one platform. And for Salesforce, JIRA, Asana, or any other app you rely on to get work done, you’ll be able to access and edit it all, right in your inbox.

Written by Heather MacKinnon
Originally Published: 26 June 2019

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