How to build the best Front plan for your team

Sarah Spangenberg, Product Marketing at Front
10 December 20208 Min Read

Teams customize Front in thousands of ways to work better together. Shared email inboxes, multi-channel management, auto-assigning messages, collaborating with operations and accounting teams… You name it, someone’s done it in Front.

Our new pricing plans give teams more ways to structure their Front account and workflows, so the price they pay matches the value they get. From small businesses handling a few email aliases to large organizations with complex routing processes (and everything in between), finding the right plan is easy:

  • Starter Plan: Perfect for small teams to collaborate efficiently on team and individual email.

  • Plus Plan: Centralize your workflow in Front with more inboxes, rules, and integrations.

  • Pro Plan: Support your team’s most complex workflows and report on performance with robust analytics.

  • Add-ons: Tailor your plan for what you need — bring on collaborators as light users, set up custom permission roles with Access Management, and more.

Wondering where to begin? Here’s our guide to help you build your plan based on your business needs and workflows.

Choosing between Starter, Plus, and Pro

Start with the basics: your team inboxes

The first step in choosing your team plan is mapping out the communication channels you want to manage in Front. Plans have different limits for the number and types of external communication channels you can connect — so start there when choosing your plan.

Only have group email addresses like help@ or contact@? Or do you have additional communication channels like SMS numbers for texting or a company Facebook account? Create a list of all the communication channels you want to manage in team inboxes in Front, and focus on the plans that fit those needs.

💡 Pick your plan
  • Starter: 3 team inbox channels included (1 email, 1 social media, and 1 live chat only)

  • Plus: 5 team inbox channels included (any combination of email, social media, or live chat only)

  • Pro: 10 team inbox channels included (all types including SMS and WhatsApp)

👩‍🏫 Tip: If you need more channels than what’s included, you can purchase packs of 25 as an add-on to your plan.

Boost your workflow: rules and message templates

Front saves every person on your team 6 hours a week by making it easy to collaborate from their inbox. To work even more efficiently, you can automate your team’s workflow with rules and share message templates for faster, more consistent replies.

The possibilities with rules and message templates are endless. Escalate messages as urgent when you’re at risk of breaching your SLA, or route billing issues to your finance manager and let the customer know automatically that you’re following up. With automated rules and message templates, you’ll save more time on every single message.

💡 Pick your plan
  • Starter: 10 message templates and 3 rules (basic conditions) for your team

  • Plus: unlimited message templates and rules (basic conditions)

  • Pro: unlimited message templates and rules (basic and advanced conditions)

👩‍🏫 Tip: if you’ll rely heavily on rules to automatically tag and route your messages, choose Pro to get access to our most powerful advanced rule conditions.

Centralize your apps: integrations and API access

Front integrations bring critical context to your conversations and help you spend less time switching between apps to dig up information or make updates. Instead of jumping between your CRM, your project management tool, your technical team’s issue management system, and your inbox, you can bring all those apps together to access them from Front.

Certain integrations are only available on specific plans, so think through the tools your team relies on. What information do they need quick access to, and what apps need to be updated frequently? Zapier and CRM integrations like Salesforce or Pipedrive are only available on the Pro plan, while all other integrations are available on both Plus and Pro — including the ability to build custom plugins for your proprietary systems or custom integrations with the Front API.

💡 Pick your plan
  • Starter: no integrations or API access

  • Plus: API access and all integrations excluding CRMs and Zapier

  • Pro: API access and all integrations including CRMs and Zapier

👩‍🏫 Tip: You’ll need API access to build a custom plugin or custom integration with a 3rd party app.

Report on performance and SLAs: analytics

Without analytics, your inbox can be a black box — it’s nearly impossible to report on metrics like response time or understand message volume patterns. When email and other customer communication is critical for your business, like when you’ve committed to response time SLAs, Front analytics unlock valuable reporting for your team. With access to analytics, you can build customized reports for certain channels, teammates, or tags, set business hours for accuracy, and export your Front data for more advanced analyses.

💡 Pick your plan
  • Starter: no access to analytics

  • Plus: no access to analytics

  • Pro: analytics access included

👩‍🏫 Tip: Use tags to track issues like SLA breaches to easily pull analytics reports to share with your leadership team.

Customize your plan

By this point, you should have an idea for which team plan fits your team best — Starter, Plus, or Pro. However, Front gives you a few options to help you balance costs, get more out of Front, or access specific enterprise-grade features your organization might require. These add-ons give you more flexibility to customize your plan for your team.

Bring on collaborators as light users

Are there people your team works with closely, but who don’t need full access to team inboxes? They’d be a great fit to add as light users: a lower price license for people you collaborate with that don’t need the full functionality of a Front user, like an engineer who is looped in by your support team to help solve bugs.

💡 Available to add to Plus or Pro plans

Get advanced controls and settings with Access Management

We understand that what your team needs and what your IT department requires don’t always match up. That’s why we’ve bundled our enhanced admin controls and security settings into an Access Management add-on to complement any plan you choose. For access to advanced IT features like SSO, custom permission roles, or managing multiple team workspaces in one account, just add Access Management to your account.

💡 Connect with our team to set up Access Management for any plan

More feature add-ons

Want more team inbox channels than what’s included in your plan? No problem — get 25 more as an add-on. We’ve created add-ons for other features like Twitter channels or raising your API limit so you can get exactly what your team needs in Front.

💡 Explore add-ons in your in-app billing settings

Example customer plans

Need some inspiration? Here’s what 5 customers chose for their Front account — and why.

The 5 person SMB

Plan: Starter

Add-ons: none

Why: This small tour company uses a 1 email alias (contact@) and Front Chat on their website to manage inbound inquiries for their business. Booking clients is easy with behind-the-scenes collaboration through assignments and comments, so nothing slips through the cracks.

The 10 person Startup

Plan: Plus

Add-ons: Twitter

Why: This tech-savvy team wanted API access in order to build a custom plugin for quick access to their backend database and other customizations. They aren’t using a formal CRM yet, so the integrations and API access of Plus suits their needs.

The 15 person B2B Customer Success team

Plan: Pro

Add-ons: 5 light users

Why: Analytics is critical for this Success team to track response times and issue volume on topics like billing, bug reports, and feature requests — and share those insights with their leadership and Product teams. They’ve added a handful of light users for engineers, product managers, and accounting to loop them in on tricky customer conversations.

The 20 person Client Services team

Plan: Pro

Add-ons: 10 light users and more team inbox channels

Why: This marketing content agency sets up a separate email alias for dozens of clients and relies heavily on automated rules and Zapier to route messages, send status updates, and add tags for action items. They’ve added a few people from their creative team to loop in for client feedback and updates.

The 50 person Freight Broker team

Plan: Plus

Add-ons: none

Why: This logistics company uses multiple email distribution lists to manage orders, quotes, and shipments for its clients and heavily relies on individual inboxes for each agent, which are unlimited on all plans. Automated rules and message templates enable them to respond faster and close more business.

The 200 person Corporate Travel team

Plan: Pro

Add-ons: Access Management and more team inbox channels

Why: This corporate travel agency commits to response time SLAs in their client contracts, so reporting on response time metrics with Front analytics is critical. They’ve also set up separate Teams workspaces in their account for each regional office, which is available with Access Management.

Ready to get started?

Front’s pricing model is designed to be flexible and customizable, just like Front. After your 14 day free trial, you can build the plan that’s right for your team directly in your in-app billing settings.

Have questions about our plans or need an Enterprise setup? Talk to us — we’re happy to help.

Written by Sarah Spangenberg
Originally Published: 10 April 2019

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